With 20 collective years experience in agency management roles, Cavalry was born out of the belief that freelancing for both companies and freelancers should be less hassle than it is today.

We know from experience how fraught, time consuming and expensive it is for companies to find skilled creative and digital freelancers when they need them most. Yet we also know the quality, diversity and depth of freelancers is only increasing as more people choose to join the flexible workforce.

We believe there is a better way and we are committed to creating it.

Cavalry Freelancing is a custom-built talent management system that streamlines the way companies and freelancers find each other and work together. Our goal is to build a new kind of marketplace that recognises freelance craftsmanship and the project dynamics that already exist within the creative and digital industries.

Success for us will be if we can unlock the full potential of freelancing in our industry and by doing so provide companies with a robust solution to accessing and engaging with a flexible workforce of freelance specialists.

The Team

Dave Bentley

Co-Founder & CEO

Dave leads the Cavalry business as well as all sales & marketing. With 17 years working in or running agencies, Dave knows well the challenges that creative and digital companies face with freelancing. Not surprisingly, the idea for Cavalry was born out of these experiences.

Nick Stevens

Co-Founder & CTO

Nick is responsible for all things technical on Cavalry platform. As an experienced technologist, Nick has worn a number of technology hats at Razorfish, Sapient and Pizza Hut. His best moment was winning a people's choice award at SXSW.

Richard Barlow

Head of Customer Relationships

Richard is responsible for making sure the experience with Cavalry is as smooth and successful as possible. Rich is a digital agency veteran with Project Management and Account Management experience developed over 15 years in agencies in Sydney and the UK.

People we work with

James Roope


James is a user experience designer. He works primarily as a freelancer himself, taking advantage of the opportunity to travel and work in new cities. He has a passion for startups and innovation, as he sees Cavalry as an essential tool for Freelancers, based on his own experiences.

Folio Creative


The talented folks at Folio Creative helped us in the early stages by developing our brand identity. We hope you like it as much we do!

Jozz Hart


Jozz is a full-stack dev with 16 years professional experience contracting to agencies, corporates and startups in both the UK and Australia. His downtime is spent up in the mountains, making the simple transition from snowboarding to skiing.

Matt Delprado

Design Director

Matt helped us design the early Cavalry platform. He’s passionate about people and pixel, especially when they come together. His 15 minutes of fame was on TV, talking about a startup that made toilet paper you could print tweets on that he created with some friends. His mum was very proud.

Nick Tapscott


Not only did Nick give us some really valuable insight into the life of a Freelancing, he then helped us out by crafting some of the fine words that we’ve used on our website and marketing.

Abbey Batchelor


Abbey’s focus at Cavalry has been to help us grown our member base. With over 15 years experience in digital marketing, content marketing and social media strategy, she has worked with a range of clients including eBay, Absolut Vodka & Channel 9 to startups and her own businesses.

Matthew Cowley


Matthew is a full stack developer. He is experienced in a range of projects including Sales & Track- ing platforms, eCommerce platforms and Blog / Publishing platforms in addition to full time roles.