Introducing Cavalry 2.0

February 23, 2021: A platform designed from the ground up to support companies who are committed to building a more flexible, productive and shareable talent-force.

Four reasons why there’s never been a better time to freelance

September 20, 2021
By Melissa Bentley

In 2020, the freelance market for freelancers was greatly impacted as the business sector cancelled marketing budgets and projects were placed on hold. However thankfully it seems to be a very different story in this wave of COVID. In fact, based on the trends we’re seeing in the freelance market, it’s arguably never been a […]…

8 tips to improve your freelance profile

August 5, 2021
By Rich Barlow Head of Customer Relationships

It’s not rocket science, but the stronger your Cavalry freelance profile, the better chance you’ll have of securing a booking. Our most successful freelancers have gone that extra mile to ensure that they are not overlooked by companies and make themselves stand out from the crowd. Here are 8 top tips to improve your Cavalry […]…

Introducing Cavalry 2.0 – Build a more flexible, sharable and productive talent-force

February 22, 2021
By Dave Bentley, CEO

With the handbrake pulled on the industry in early 2020, we took stock and talked to our customers. It became clear this turbulent period would create a number of critical needs for many companies as they emerge from the depths of the crisis: The downsizing of full time teams and the eventual increase in flexible […]…

Download the 2021 Freelance Rate & Market Guide

February 2, 2021
By Dave Bentley, CEO

In our 2021 edition of the Cavalry Freelance Rate & Market Guide, our research provides a detailed overview of how the freelance market shifted and changed during 2020. This includes rates, project length and general demand and supply conditions. Our goal is to help both companies and freelancers better understand the latest market conditions within creative services and by doing so help align expectations and planning. …

The adjustments, reality and pros and cons of freelancing

November 27, 2020
By Rich Barlow Head of Customer Relationships

This is an honest account from Michael Lovell, a much loved member of our freelance community, on taking the plunge into freelancing. GOING FREELANCE, IS IT FOR YOU? by Michael Lovell I had to ask myself the same question! Just over six years ago I was inadvertently forced into freelancing. My wife was about to […]…

Remote working

How companies we’ve spoken to have adapted to change in 2020

November 17, 2020
By Rich Barlow Head of Customer Relationships

We talk to a lot of companies and it’s been interesting over the past few months to hear all the different stories of how they have adapted to what 2020 has thrown at them. We thought it would be interesting and useful to share some of those insights and hopefully help companies to consider ways […]…

Remote working
responsible growth

A broad range of skills can open up more opportunities for freelancers

October 22, 2020
By Rich Barlow Head of Customer Relationships

Rounded is a Cavalry partner and Grant McCall is the founder and head of product at Rounded, an accounting app built specifically for Australian freelancers. This month he has kindly agreed to being our guest blogger and help share his own experiences and how freelancers need to diversify their skill sets in this ever changing […]…

Companies don’t always know what they need

August 25, 2020
By Rich Barlow Head of Customer Relationships

Creating a clear and concise Freelance job brief can often be a challenge and its importance can often be overlooked. Yet, we’ve consistently seen how well thought out and well structured briefs resonate with our community and play a critical role in attracting and accurately matching candidates. Conversely we have also seen how poor job […]…

brief tips
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How do companies hit the ground running while still working remotely?

July 3, 2020
By Rich Barlow Head of Customer Relationships

We’ve all got comfortable with remote working, but in reality most businesses have been in a form of hibernation. As businesses come out of hibernation and crank up their now reduced spend and scaled down resourced marketing programs, the question is how do companies hit the ground running with a marketing program while still working […]…

improving efficiency
remote based working

Video chat now available on Cavalry

May 3, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Our video conference allows companies and freelancers to launch video chats with each other from anywhere on the platform.  …

video chat

The no hassle way to payroll your freelance team

April 24, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

With Cavalry Payroll, we engage Freelancers on your behalf, paying them fortnightly and looking after their super, tax and insurances.…


25% discount on Cavalry fees!

March 18, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

From the 20th March to the 24th of April, we will offer a 25% discount on Cavalry fees when freelancers are sourced and booked through our marketplace.…


Are you prepared for the disruption ahead? A checklist for agencies

March 15, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

The big and critical question is this - how prepared is your business for this disruption? So here I’ve compiled an overview of the best practices and insights we’re seeing right now from the best advertising and marketing business leaders we’ve met with across the industry. …

Agency disruption

Internal market conditions have broken the back of Remote working. Just in time perhaps.

March 5, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

As the governments of the world are working tirelessly to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, the business world is trying to find ways to maintain momentum and productivity.  With the inevitable restrictions on the movement of people, the advertising and marketing industry must undoubtedly lean into technology and services that enable virtual connectivity, collaboration […]…

Remote working
Work from home

1,249 creative awards and counting!

February 24, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

The creative section of our member base has been awarded no less than 1,249 times including 86 D&ADs, 80 Canne Lions, 63 One Show awards and 50 Effies!…

Art directors
Creative awards
Creative Director

Download the 2020 Freelance Rate & Market Guide

February 2, 2020
By Dave Bentley, CEO

The Cavalry Freelance Rate & Market Guide 2020 is designed to help companies and freelancers better understand the latest market conditions within creative services and by doing so help align expectations and planning around factors that matter to both parties - rates, lead times, project length and general demand and supply conditions.…

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Introducing budgeting, file sharing and an overhauled messaging

October 22, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

We’ve added a number of new features to support the setting of budgets, improve in app messaging and enable file sharing. All part of our continued push to make it easier for companies and freelancers to find each other and work together.   Check average market rates Unsure of market rates? when creating gig, check […]…

File sharing
Market rates

Agency demand for freelance recruitment grows in APAC as business models evolve

September 2, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Originally published in Drum, 19 June.  Agency requirements for talent are evolving, as the industry faces rapid change and requires more agile businesses. In recognition of this, recruitment company Grace Blue has partnered with freelance creatives platform Calvary. The businesses claim freelancers have increasing representation in the workforce, making up more than 30% of brand and agency […]…


Take control of your communication settings

July 31, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

With the launch of Communication Settings you can now optimise the types of emails and messages you want to receive. For Freelancers you can even optimise the types of gigs we send you.…

Email settings

Introducing Project Gigs. A proposal based approach

June 25, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

We’ve created Project Gigs so that companies can now seek guidance from freelancers on the best approach to a project.  It suits projects when a company knows the outcome they want but are unsure exactly how to get there. Companies can now post a project gig and freelancers can respond with a proposal. The proposal will describe how the […]…

Request quote
Scope of works

Cavalry Freelancing closes six-figure seed round, backed by industry heavyweights.

June 4, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

As seen in Mumbrella. MAY 20, 2019: Cavalry Freelancing has successfully closed a six-figure seed funding round to help support continued product development as well as expansion into the SMB (small and mid-sized business) and APAC markets. The seed round was fully subscribed  and is a precursor to its next round, a Series A capital […]…


Creative workforce pain points

May 17, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

When we talk to companies about their creative and marketing workforce pain points, it generally comes down to 4 connected topics The need for more agility How to plan for a flexible workforce Building resilience in your freelance team How to find quality freelancers We break down these pain points and offer suggestions to help […]…

Freelance teams
Quality Freelancers
Workforce planning

8 questions most asked by companies

May 14, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

1. How do we know the quality of the freelancers on Cavalry? 2. What does it cost me to use Cavalry? 3. What happens if a freelancer goes full time after a freelance engagement? 4. Can I manage my own freelancers within Cavalry? 5. What happens if I don’t use the freelancer for the full duration of their agreed booking? 6. How do I know how much each freelancer will cost? 7. What companies are using Cavalry? 8. What specialisms does Cavalry have on its platform? …

Company FAQs

Get ahead of your freelance needs with the Intelligent Roster

April 16, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

What if you could avoid the stress that comes with short lead times and compromised freelance choices? What if you could get ahead of your freelance needs by having a deep, and vetted freelance team at your disposal? Sound great but a lot of work? Not any longer. Introducing the Intelligent Roster For the first […]…

Build teams
Manage teams
Monitor Availability

Cavalry Freelancer Rate Guide 2019

March 20, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

To help make freelancing in Australia a little easier and predictable for companies, we've extracted loads of freelance and gig data from our marketplace and distilled it into a simple guide.…

day rate
Freelance rates
market conditions
Rate Guide

9 Techniques to Make Freelancers Work for Your Agency

February 25, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Presented at Mumbrella Sage 2019, the below presentation summaries 9 techniques to help agencies work with freelancers more effectively. Download Presentation   Summary of 9 techniques   Your reliance on freelancers is likely to grow, not diminish Accept freelancing as a strategic necessity and the need to build robust capabilities Don’t let short lead times […]…

Introducing Endorsements – The simple way to build references from previous employers

February 14, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

When sharing your profile and experience to the industry, it’s only natural that you want to let the whole world know that you’ve built great relationships and established admiration and trust with previous employers. There is no doubt that getting an endorsement from a company or individual is a powerful indicator of this credibility and […]…

Take advantage of easier access to creative & intellectual firepower

January 22, 2019
By Dave Bentley, CEO

With easy access to intellectual and creative firepower, companies can now start thinking about how they broaden the value freelancers can bring to their business. Instead of only using freelancers for reactive capacity management, freelancers can now be introduced to augment their existing team and support proactive strategic initiatives.…

Are you allocating enough time when sourcing different freelance disciplines?

December 4, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Have you ever felt compromised by time when sourcing a freelancer for a project? Or more to the point, have you ever not been compromised by time? While Cavalry can make the process of connecting and engaging with freelancers almost instantaneous, this connection point is only a fraction of the journey that a company goes through to source and hire their perfect freelancer. In reality, the process contains a bunch of steps including internal reviews, interviews, negotiations, reference checks, and ever present daily juggling of priorities. This all takes time. Time that may not be factored in… To help provide a realistic guide for companies, I reviewed our booking data and analysed how long it took from brief to booking based for different types of expertise and lengths of bookings.…

Should companies be treating freelancers more like VIPs than suppliers?

October 24, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

With demand heating up for specialist freelancers, the balance of power between companies and freelancers is more ‘balanced’ than it’s ever been. Should companies be considering what they can do differently to attract freelancers and build preference?…

gig economy
growth projections

The specialist marketplaces unlocking access to Australia’s marketing talent

October 9, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

The marketplace revolution in freelance talent is well underway in Australia. The footprint of marketplaces is now so comprehensive, it’s entirely possible for companies to use them to find every type of freelance skillset needed to support entire marketing programs. But this revolution is not being delivered by large ‘one size fits all’ international marketplaces. […]…

Why the flexibility in a freelancer’s working week is a latent opportunity for companies

October 3, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Unlike companies, freelancers aren't always shackled by the constraints of a Monday to Friday working week. Instead, a large contingent of freelancers prefer to mix up when they work by swapping week days for evenings and weekends. In an age where there is increasing pressure on companies to deliver more with less time and resource, could this be an under-utilised area of freelancing to help drive up productivity and hit deadlines?…

Upgrades to make Cavalry even more effective

September 25, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

We're always looking at ways to make it easier for companies and freelancers to connect and work together. After listening to our member base we've been busy replacing points of friction while also adding new features that help the platform become more effective, supportive and enjoyable.…

A freelance playbook for agencies

August 15, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

In today’s brave new advertising industry world, agencies in most forms rely on freelancers more than they used to. Increased revenue volatility and a need to sell an ever expanding set of services to keep up with new channels and technologies are the primary drivers of this change. Yet for many agencies, this increased reliance on freelancers has snuck up on them (and their clients) and as a result their approach can often feel like a throwback to the ‘good old days’ when freelancing was treated as a last resort.  Quite naturally, when this happens, the odds of a successful freelance experience drop significantly. It doesn’t have to be this way. So, how can agencies change the way they approach freelancing to make it more reliable, robust and tailored to the current market conditions? Using our combined agency and freelance marketplace experience, we've developed a playbook to help agencies become more strategic in how they approach freelancing. …

7 tips for setting yourself up as a business, not just a freelancer

August 6, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Freelancing is more than ever a deliberate career choice for many in the advertising and digital industry. It provides a legitimate path to grow your craft, work on interesting projects and learn the ropes of being an accountable consultant. A lessor discussed benefit of freelancing is that it gives people the chance to learn how […]…

Unify your freelance story into one beautiful sharable profile

July 23, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

As a freelancer, your professional story has many equally important parts and is always evolving. Sharing this complete story can be the difference to winning your next gig. Yet for many their expertise, availability, gig history and portfolio live in multiple locations and is hard to share easily. As of today, you can create an […]…

Ongoing education options for freelancers

May 12, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

No matter what field you work in, there’s always more to learn. Sometimes it comes from experience, other times from technological developments, but often the best way to learn is to sign up for a course. If you want to learn a completely new skill or brush up on something you’re not fully confident in, […]…

The importance of asking dumb questions

March 29, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Have you ever held yourself back from asking a seemingly obvious question about a new project and then later regretted it? Would asking that question given you a better understanding of the project and improved the way you tackled your part in it? You’re not alone, we’ve all been there. As the old saying goes, there’s no such […]…

Introducing Gig Posts – The fastest way for companies to reach a group of specialist freelancers

March 19, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Gig Posts is Cavalry’s new feature designed for companies who are short on time and need to streamline how they find talented Freelancers. Gig Posts makes it easy and fast for companies to promote their gig to an entire group of freelancers in a specific discipline. For Companies Three Minutes is all it takes to […]…

Ex-MullenLowe Profero and Razorfish execs launch startup to fix freelancer model

February 6, 2018
By Dave Bentley, CEO

The former managing director of MullenLowe Profero, Dave Bentley, has partnered with ex-Razorfish’s senior tech manager, Nick Stevens, to launch a start-up aimed at revolutionising the future of freelancing for the advertising industry. Cavalry Freelancing is an online marketplace that matches projects with industry freelancers based on expertise, skills, availability, rates and reputation.…

It’s now easier than ever to call in the Freelance Cavalry

December 4, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Earlier this year we set out to build a marketplace for the creative and digital industry that would make it easier for companies and freelancers to find each other and work together. As long term members of the industry we felt strongly that a combination of improved matching capabilities, streamlined process and reduced fees would help […]…

Are industry forces driving up freelance demand?

October 15, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

If current industry conditions really stretch agency staffing needs like they appear to, it's likely that freelance demand will continue to increase regardless of the efforts to drive more internal efficiency. This in turn will increase the relative importance of freelancers within agencies and encourage consideration of how to create a competitive advantage in how quality freelancers are found and engaged.…

Why Freelancing is a compelling option for the career driven

September 7, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

When most people think of the reasons to Freelance, they think of better earning potential and more flexibility. However, according to established Freelancer's in the creative and digital industry, Freelancing offers something more fundamental for career progression than a healthy day rate and the ability to work remotely.…

Up-skill with the General Assembly & Cavalry Partnership

September 6, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

20% discount on General Assembly Workshops. As organisations General Assembly and Cavalry share a common goal: To help support and meet the growing demand for creative and digital expertise. Because of this, we’re very proud to announce a new partnership with the good folks at General Assembly. We’re kicking off our partnership by making it easier than ever […]…

What’s in a name? Demystifying the seniority of job titles

August 9, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

All job titles are marketing. Not figuratively; that is their main purpose. When a company hires for a role the job title they propose hopes to attract the right kind of people. Similarly, when someone is looking for a gig, the title they give themselves reveals how they wish to be seen. Titles also hold leverage in contract negotiations because a title that a company gives you has future marketing potential.…

Discipline titles
Freelance seniority
role definitions
Role titles

Managing your favourite freelance relationships just got easier

June 11, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

At Cavalry, we’re building a new kind of marketplace to help unlock the full potential of freelancing in the creative and digital industry. For freelancers this will mean more opportunities, choice and stability. For companies this will result in better freelance matches, reduced time, less uncertainty and cheaper commission fees. …


Introducing Cavalry Freelancing

April 6, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

With 40 years collective experience in management roles in agencies Cavalry is about scratching an itch. We know from experience how fraught, time consuming and expensive it is to find skilled freelancers when you need them. Yet demand for freelancers is only increasing as new ways to produce communications and technology create more fragmentation and change. We believe there is a better way. We are committed to creating it.…

A tipping point for flexible working

By Dave Bentley, CEO

Time for most of us is our single most precious commodity. We simply don’t have enough of it to share around and satisfy our work, family, friends, community or personal passions. Yet, a full time job engulfs and controls a significant amount of our time. This can be very rewarding when ambitions and personal circumstances are aligned to that job.…

Tools of the trade

April 3, 2017
By Dave Bentley, CEO

Underpinning the shift to freelancing and flexible working is the fact we now live in an age where there are endless choices of well crafted, reasonably cheap, cloud based tools. These tools are enabling remote teams to work productively and stay professionally and even emotionally connected as a team. In that vein, we are attempting […]…