It’s not rocket science, but the stronger your Cavalry freelance profile, the better chance you’ll have of securing a booking. Our most successful freelancers have gone that extra mile to ensure that they are not overlooked by companies and make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Here are 8 top tips to improve your Cavalry profile and secure that next booking:

1. Profile Picture

Make sure you choose an image that makes you look professional. It’s the first thing that a company will see on your profile and if it’s a holiday snap or a blurred photo from your webcam, it won’t necessarily make the best first impression. Take the time to find a good photo of yourself which makes you look confident, smart, approachable and friendly.

2. Availability

Make sure you keep your availability up to date on your freelance profile. Companies can search for freelancers who have updated their profile more recently and are showing as ‘available’. If you have not updated your availability in the last 3 weeks it will show your status as ‘unknown’ and that can often make the reviewer think you might not be free and move onto reviewing other candidates.

3. Specialisms

It’s important that you select the specialisms that reflect your strongest skills. Be honest with your skill level. If you’ve had 2 years experience then don’t set yourself as a senior or lead. You can select up to four specialisms so choose the ones which are most in line with your experience and areas you want to work across. You’ll receive gig alerts based on these choices so make sure you choose wisely.

4. Skills and industry experience

When browsing through profiles companies are often looking for specific skills. Make sure you have included your core skills which might include methodologies you’ve used, particular programs, or programming languages. It’s also important that you add the key industries you’ve worked in so that if a company searches for it you’ll come back at the top of their search results.

5. Industry profile

This is the opportunity to give the reader a little insight or synopsis of who you are and what you’ve done. It doesn’t need to be more than two paragraphs long and use it as an opportunity to draw out some of your core successes and the brands and types of projects you’ve recently been involved in. it can make all the difference for a company to look further and explore your work examples.

6. Resume and social links

As much as resumes seem old fashioned companies still like to view them. So if you do have one, dust it off, and make sure you bring it up to date, ensure the formatting makes it easy to read and clearly showcases your history.

In this digital age and depending on your core specialisms you might have a lot of work on social profiles like instagram and Canva. If you have a website make sure it’s up to date and link to it so they can see more of your work and related experience.

7. Recent history

Add some of the latest places you have worked and the brands you’ve been working on. Companies will be drawn to this and if you’ve done a project recently that relates to theirs or they see you’ve worked in a similar industry, it can make all the difference to them getting in touch with you.

8. Portfolio

This is easier for those who are from a more creative background. Add in some of your most recent project work that you are most proud of. It’s one of the sections which we find most company users will click on and if it’s empty they might not review your other links and just move onto the next candidate, even though you could be the strongest and most capable person. As a minimum we would recommend that you have three to four pieces of work. As and when you’ve finished a project just look to add it into your Cavalry profile so your profile remains fresh and up to date.

Cavalry also showcases pieces of work to our 850+ companies both in our ‘Featured Work’ section and regular email communications to our companies, so let us help promote you and your talent.

Extra tip

To help stand out from the crowd make sure you use the Cavalry messenger function to touch base with the person who has posted a gig. Once you have applied and put a day rate forward, reach out to them to introduce yourself and let them know about some of the relevant work and amazing brands you’ve recently been working on.

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