Presented at Mumbrella Sage 2019, the below presentation summaries 9 techniques to help agencies work with freelancers more effectively.

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Summary of 9 techniques


  1. Your reliance on freelancers is likely to grow, not diminish
    Accept freelancing as a strategic necessity and the need to build robust capabilities
  2. Don’t let short lead times screw you
    Start searching early
  3. Audit your general freelance needs and get ahead of them
    Build a freelancer Roster and establish a workflow to monitor & replenish your freelance team
  4. Market conditions vary dramatically for freelancers
    Adjust planning and mindset for different disciplines
  5. Freelancers don’t see the working week in the same way you do

    Consider maximising when freelancers want to work
  6. Rates vary significantly across disciplines and locations

    Research rates and budget to afford the right freelancer for the right period
  7. Different channels to find freelancers are useful in different scenarios

    Agree freelance sources for different scenarios
  8. Know how to evaluate freelancers
    Identify gates to move candidates through
  9. Great in, great out
    Create an environment with the freelancer for success & a long term relationship

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