Originally published in Drum, 19 June. 

Agency requirements for talent are evolving, as the industry faces rapid change and requires more agile businesses.

In recognition of this, recruitment company Grace Blue has partnered with freelance creatives platform Calvary. The businesses claim freelancers have increasing representation in the workforce, making up more than 30% of brand and agency teams across Asia Pacific.

The executive search firm and the Australia-based platform will work together to help brands and agencies recruit freelance creative talent in the region.

The move comes as one in four c-suite leaders in the region has reported that freelancers make up more than 30% of their overall workforce.

The rise of freelance talent has been driven by greater volatility in revenue and the requirement for greater specialist expertise within both agencies and brand teams, as businesses adopt more scalable operating models that allow them to introduce strategic skills to complement their internal teams.

Jean-Michel Wu, the chief executive for APAC at Grace Blue, told The Drum, the partnership reflected the changing needs of its clients.

“We understand that the shape of the workforce is changing for both brands and agencies – given the evolution of everyone’s business model, driven by the disruption of communications through technology,” said Wu.

“Cavalry and Grace Blue brings together the freelance community into one easy to access destination. Cavalry also creates the freelance base to ensure the talent recommended can be trusted. Companies can also use the roster system to effortlessly build, manage and replenish a team of preferred freelancers.”

Wu said while Grace Blue will continue to focus on executive search, the partnership will enable the company to provide more services to help its clients build teams and agency partnerships and be more agile and flexible in how they deliver their marketing programs.

The service, which is led by Cavalry founder and chief executive Dave Bentley, is currently available in Australia, with plans to expand to Singapore and Greater China.

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