The marketplace revolution in freelance talent is well underway in Australia. The footprint of marketplaces is now so comprehensive, it’s entirely possible for companies to use them to find every type of freelance skillset needed to support entire marketing programs.

But this revolution is not being delivered by large ‘one size fits all’ international marketplaces. Instead, its being delivered by local specialist marketplaces with deep industry experience that are focused on supporting different corners of the marketing industry.

Being home grown, this new wave of specialist marketplaces are first and foremost focused on streamlining how local companies are connected with local freelancer talent. By doing so they provide a meaningful disruption to how talent can be sourced in each of their respective corners of the marketing industry.

Impressively, the types of freelance talent that can be found through these marketplaces is both expansive in skillset and seniority. Companies can now seamlessly connect and work with skillsets ranging from Creative Directors to UX Designers to models and sales promotion staff.

In this article, we break down the collective talent footprint that Cavalry and our partners can provide.

Setting the Scene – Why Marketplaces work

Marketplaces give companies and talent more control and predictability in how they connect and work together. Marketplaces do this by bringing buyers and sellers together into a central destination and facilitating the matching, introductions and commerce through smart technology.

When marketplaces are successful, they are transformative to an industry. They democratise the connections that companies can have with talent and by doing so reduce the reliance on intermediaries. For companies, this means reduced clutter, time, stress and cost. For the talent, it means more opportunities.  

Simply put, marketplaces can be great for industries.

Freelance talent mapped to Marketplaces

Cavalry Freelancing

After running a digital agency for 7 years, it became clear that sourcing freelancers needed to be easier and less risky than it was. We launched Cavalry in late 2017 as a freelance marketplace for local design, creative and digital talent.

Whether you need a strategy, creative idea, art direction or even a go to market plan, Cavalry has world class freelancers that can help deliver your next project.

With 1600 freelancers and growing rapidly, Cavalry is about democratising access to great local talent in a way that saves companies time and cost. Its also about helping companies become more strategic and less reactionary in how they plan and manage their extended freelance teams.

Design | Technology | Creative | Strategy | Media | Content & Film| Project & Account Management


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Since 2016 has been helping brands, producers, and agencies create killer content. is a marketplace that makes it easier, more efficient and cost effective for brands and agencies to book talent including models, actors and influencers.

Whether it’s for TVCs, digital, print campaigns or events and social media executions, has over 7,000 fully screened talent on their platform and guarantees they receive payment within 48 hours.

Models | Actors | Influencers | Photographers | Influencers / Bloggers | Dancers | MC / Presenters | Hair & Makeup Artists | Stylists | Videographers | Artists | Musicians




Sidekicker connects businesses with an on demand workforce of pre-screened skilled staff, including promo staff and event staff. Every day Sidekicker connects 11,000 ‘Sidekicks’ with hundreds of shifts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Auckland.

Promo Staff | Event Staff | Retail Staff | Manual Labour | Business Administration Staff | Hospitality Staff


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In this day and age companies have to find more nimble ways to broaden their expertise, bolster their ranks and deliver more. Marketplaces are a great way to achieve this. Why not try one today.

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