A great Freelancer is first and foremost a strong and reliable craftsman. A hired gun in their chosen profession. They usually slot nicely into an existing team and build bonds that help make the project run smoothly and deliver the goods.  By the end of the project they are often a treasured member of the team.

Yet, once the Freelancer has left, that sense of team is really difficult to maintain. Even with the best intentions, the tyranny of distance starts to chip away at those bonds formed in the project trenches.

The reality is that once a Freelancer is no longer in the resource plan or down the hallway, it simply takes way more effort from both parties to stay connected.  Every time a company wants to get in touch with a Freelancer, a call or email is required and we all know the game of tag that all too often ensues over days or even weeks.

At Cavalry Freelancing, this was the motivation for our first set of features:

  • What if companies could review their favourite freelancer’s availability in seconds without having to waste time playing message tag?
  • Likewise, what if there was a system for Freelancers that took most of the admin away when organising new gigs with companies?
  • What if companies could review Freelancer profiles in the same place and see what other skills they can bring to the party?
  • What if companies could get in touch with Freelancers without having to dig up an email address and mobile number?

We’re proud to introduce the Roster for companies and the Calendar for freelancers  

Company Roster

Companies can now build a roster of their favourite freelancers and review their availability in one place. They can also check out the Freelancer’s profile, write private company notes, contact them directly and even see what other Rosters they’re on.  

Freelance Calendar

Freelancers can now manage and share when they’re free, on holiday or booked on other projects. They can also define the times of day and week they want to work and whether the freelancer prefers working from home. Availability is combined with contact information and a detailed profile including discipline expertise, specialist skills and links to work. It even shows what other company Rosters they’re on.

All of this ensuring that freelancers can share with companies a full spectrum of information to enable quick and informed decision making.

It’s only the beginning

At Cavalry, we’re building a new kind of marketplace to help unlock the full potential of freelancing in the creative and digital industry. For freelancers this will mean more opportunities, choice and stability. For companies this will result in better freelance matches, reduced time, less uncertainty and cheaper commission fees.

In the near future, we’ll release features that will allow companies to search, find and contact available freelancers that are perfectly matched to their requirements. All this in a matter of minutes. Plus with our invoicing solution, we’ll take the hassle out of admin for freelancers and companies alike.

Why not try Cavalry today?



Dave Bentley is the CEO and Co-founder at Cavalry, a platform that streamlines the way companies and freelancers find each other and work together. Cavalry is designed to support the unique freelancing dynamics that exist within the creative and digital industry. Sign up at cavalryfreelancing.com and start simplifying your freelance world.

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