Gig Posts is Cavalry’s new feature designed for companies who are short on time and need to streamline how they find talented Freelancers. Gig Posts makes it easy and fast for companies to promote their gig to an entire group of freelancers in a specific discipline.

For Companies

Three Minutes is all it takes to post a gig. Using Cavalry’s clever search algorithm, The Gig Post feature reaches out to only the best suited candidates and makes them immediately aware of the job. You can then sit back and let your shortlist fill with freelancers that are interested and available.

For Freelancers

Watch out for Gig Alerts coming your way. Gig Posts result in more targeted briefs, reaching more of the best matched experts on the Cavalry network. Many of you may have already received a gig alert!

Best of all, if you receive a Gig Alert, you can choose to be placed on the shortlist so a company can straight away see that your interested and review your suitability for the gig.

Feedback welcome

The more we learn, the better Cavalry gets. Let us know what you think of our new service here.

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Dave Bentley is the CEO and Co-founder at Cavalry, a platform that streamlines the way companies and freelancers find each other and work together. Cavalry is designed to support the unique freelancing dynamics that exist within the advertising and digital sector.

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