You’ve had a booking through Cavalry, you’ve pimped your profile, your availability is up to date, your portfolio’s fully loaded with your finest work and you’re raring for your next gig. So where is it!

Hang in there! It’s understandable to feel frustrated at times with marketplaces like Cavalry when you feel you’ve done your bit. The fact is they are ultimately at the mercy of the projects clients choose to post — definitely not in your control, but the impression you create to give yourself the extra edge is. 

So, when the next project that matches your skillset gets posted, here are some ways to steer your profile from unknown to unforgettable and be rebooked. 

Be a Bookable Candidate

When a client is looking for a candidate they are either consciously or subconsciously looking to solve a specific problem. Whether they need a specialist or more people on a job to meet a deadline, they need help quickly, easily and at great value. 

Experience is often a prerequisite, however, the more you put yourself in front of a client and make things easy for them, the more likely you are to be considered. So, demonstrate how helpful you are and stand out by following these cues:

Prompt Responses

It’s hard not to be immersed in your current work, but a prompt response to a potential client’s question makes a great first impression and builds their confidence in you. Try and get back to them within an hour if you can. 

Actioning Requests 

Just as responding quickly is important, delivering on requests is even more so. If you don’t act quickly, how will you go with deadlines? Shooting over an extra piece of work, updating your resume or giving your opinion on something can all be used to your advantage. You’re selling yourself as the solution to their problem after all. 

Use Initiative

You don’t have to be the kid who puts their hand up so high they get air, but you can use your initiative to subtly stand out. Directly message the client to introduce yourself. Ask an intelligent and thoughtful question. 

Our Cavalry data shows personal interaction shows you’re interested, invested and increases your chance of being booked by more than 30%. It could be the very beginning of a great working relationship. 

Be Flexible

Hours: So many Freelancers disregard gigs for reasons like the start date is too soon or they can’t commit to the required amount of days. However, clients are often open to discussing days and hours — they have to put down something but it doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. If you’re interested, this is your opportunity to show your initiative and ask those questions. 

Rates: Be aware of the budget for a gig before you apply. If you want to stay in the realm of consideration you have the ability to edit your rate before you click apply (it can be changed again before a gig is booked). Refer to our rate guide.

Taylor your profile

If you want to be seen by a particular client, tailor your profile to suit and always make sure it’s up to date by referring to this checklist.

While Booked

You’ve got the gig, now to make yourself memorable! The impression you leave will largely be based on the quality of your work. However, never doubt the power of good customer service. There are so many simple ways you can impress clients with barely any extra effort at all, such as:

Invoice/Timesheet Promptly

Send timely invoices or timesheets so they can wrap up jobs and you get paid — win/win.

Hit Deadlines

Consistently meet deadlines! Or if they’re not realistic, have these chats early to avoid knock-on effects and allow for planning. Clients don’t always know themselves on how a gig should be approached, so use your expert knowledge to guide them and let them know how you would recommend tackling it. 

Stick to the brief 

Sharing ideas can add value and show initiative but ultimately make sure you are sticking to the brief. Constantly refer to the brief & never hold back from asking questions & raising queries.


Now more than ever with most gigs being remote, good communication is crucial. So even when you’re under the pump working on several gigs it’s incredibly important to keep comms up and running with your clients. 

Build your profile

Create good habits like uploading new work as soon as you’ve finished a gig, just like you’d automatically send your invoice. 

Why not send through a request to our talent team so they can review and help build on your profile for the next gig.

Be Rebooked

Once you’ve been booked by a client through Cavalry, it’s likely you’ll be booked time and time again. New clients are exciting but repeat clients offer camaraderie, security, time-effectiveness which equals profitability as you’ve already climbed the learning curve and understand their business. Repeat clients are definitely worth pursuing so here’s how: 

Make a good first impression

As a freelancer, you’ll already know that first impressions really do count. The extra effort is always worthwhile. So be enthusiastic and add value wherever you can from the get-go.

Keep in touch

Check-in with previous clients on a regular basis. Find out if they have any projects coming up, comment on something you’ve seen or mention an article that may be of interest. We’d suggest reaching out to your regular clients at least every 1-2 months. You might just put yourself in their mind at the right time. 

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