With the handbrake pulled on the industry in early 2020, we took stock and talked to our customers. It became clear this turbulent period would create a number of critical needs for many companies as they emerge from the depths of the crisis:

  1. The downsizing of full time teams and the eventual increase in flexible teams made up in part by freelancers and contractors.
  2. The need to maximise the productivity of talent that exists within a company, particularly in networks where its hard to keep a handle on. the talent spread out across many offices and brands.
  3. The need for greater certainty in the quality of freelancers.
  4. Greater simplicity in engagement and payment, especially for companies who downsized their finance or ops teams.

Yet, most companies didn’t have the tools, systems or freelancers to make this leap.

Fast forward 12 months, we’re proud to launch Cavalry 2.0.

Cavalry 2.0 is a platform designed to support companies who are committed to building a more flexible, productive and shareable talent-force.

While Cavalry will always be a marketplace of exceptional creative freelancers, our platform has now expanded to provide companies with the ability to build their own internal marketplace of talent.

Building an internal marketplace of talent enables top trusted freelance and internal talent to be leveraged and shared across a broader network, increasing utilisation and decreasing external costs and admin.

Whats more, our Cavalry marketplace can continue filling internal marketplace gaps creating a holistic, flexible and powerful talent-force.


How does Cavalry 2.0 work?


1. Build a network of trusted freelancers and internal talent
Each office or team within an organisation becomes a member of an internal network that contributes their trusted freelancers, bookable talent and Cavalry sourced freelancers into a single unified and sharable talent-force.  

2. Search & post projects to your community
Posting a brief is the fastest and most targeted way to reach and engage a talent-force and drive applications. Members can also ‘quick search’ both their internal marketplace and Cavalry marketplaces.

3. Build Rosters and create sharable ‘centres of excellence’
Organisations can create ‘centres of excellence’ by building Rosters of subject experts. These Rosters can be shared across the organisations and be a great place to start when sourcing trusted and proven experts

4. Communicate seamlessly with messages and video chat
Members can build and review a shortlist of applied talent and can message them or jump on a video call.

5. Keep track of projects
Files can be shared and stored against the project while timesheets track freelancers hours.

6. Cavalry payroll takes the hassle out of paying freelancers
With Cavalry Payroll, we take care of freelancer payments, tax, insurances and super.  


Free 3 month trial

For the next 3 months, we are offering our existing customers a 3 month trial without any restrictions to functionality or the number of members you can add! We’ll touch base during this period to offer training and to see whether you are getting the most out of the new version of Cavalry. At the end of the 3 month period, we’ll reconnect again to see what kind of plan best suits your business.

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