When sharing your profile and experience to the industry, it’s only natural that you want to let the whole world know that you’ve built great relationships and established admiration and trust with previous employers.

There is no doubt that getting an endorsement from a company or individual is a powerful indicator of this credibility and trust.  It provides direct proof which carries a lot of weight and is generally preferred by employers. Hence why references exist. However references are clunky and are generally only provided on request. 

So at Cavalry we made the process of collecting endorsements super simple and quick.

That’s why we are excited to launch the new Endorsement and References feature.

Building on top of your profile, you can now request references and endorsements of your specialisms from all your past clients.

Companies see these wherever you are shown in the app, as well as in your history and public profile.

That way, you can stand out from other freelancers as an expert in your field, and give companies that extra bit of confidence that you are the right fit for their gig.

Getting started

Go to your references and start a new request 

Add the details of your referee and the specialisms you want endorsed:

The Company can confirm and update their information, and write that all important reference:

You’ll get an email when they have completed the reference, so jump back in, check it and (if it’s a good one) make it public!



Just a quick tip:

We want to maximise your chance of success so it’s always good idea to get in touch with the referee first to let them know it’s on the way.

Jump on in today, it won’t be long before you’re getting more of those “look how great I am” moments and getting in front of that next company or gig.

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