We’ve created Project Gigs so that companies can now seek guidance from freelancers on the best approach to a project.  It suits projects when a company knows the outcome they want but are unsure exactly how to get there.

Companies can now post a project gig and freelancers can respond with a proposal. The proposal will describe how the freelancer will deliver the project and the costs and time for each phase.  Companies can review the proposal, ask questions and book the freelancer when they are happy.

The rest of the process is pretty similar to the way Cavalry has always worked so there are no surprises.  Freelancers invoice companies in the same way as always, only they will reference the deliverables or stages completed, rather than time.

To create a Project gig, companies can start a gig and select the “Project Gig” option at the top of the brief page.

Post a Project Gig


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