What if you could avoid the stress that comes with short lead times and compromised freelance choices? What if you could get ahead of your freelance needs by having a deep, and vetted freelance team at your disposal?

Sound great but a lot of work?

Not any longer.

Introducing the Intelligent Roster

For the first time, the process of building, managing and replenishing your ideal freelance team has been made effortless.

With the Intelligent Roster, we make it easy to build a team of exceptional talent by recommending freelancers that you can contact or simply add to your Roster. Once in place, the Cavalry Roster gives you unparalleled visibility and access to your freelancers meaning monitoring availability, rating and booking talent is simple and in once place.

Best of all, building a team is free on Cavalry and you only incur fees when you book freelancers. You can even add your own freelancers by uploading a CSV of freelancers you currently work with.

 Once your freelance team is built, the Roster makes it simple to:

  • Monitor availability
  • Chat with freelancers
  • Rate freelancers
  • Write notes of all interactions
  • Book them through Cavalry
  • Access contact details
  • View their profiles and work

What’s more, Cavalry continues to recommend available freelancers which means your freelance team never stays static and can evolve as your needs and requirements change.  Even better, Freelancers that match your needs can also find your Rosters and get in touch so you don’t have to always make the first move.

Build your Roster now


5 simple steps to setting up your Roster


  1. Build your freelance requirements by building individual Roster for each need
  2. Review and add our recommend freelancers for each Roster.  Or upload your own
  3. Monitor availability, rate and write notes against freelancers. We send a weekly email wrap up of the available status of your team
  4. Replenish your team at any time with available recommended freelancers
  5. Book available freelancers directly from the Roster


Build your Roster now

Learn about building a Roster

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