What if access to world class intellectual and creative freelance fire power was almost instant and quality guaranteed? How would it change the way companies use freelancers?

Well firstly, we’re here! Exceptional freelance talent has never been more accessible than it is today.

With freelance expertise including CX strategy, Comms Strategy, Consumer planning, Cannes award winning Creative Directors and Design Directors, the depth and quality of the freelance expertise easily available on platforms like Cavalry can be game changing to any business.

Yet, because finding freelancers has historically been so hard, time consuming and expensive, companies could be forgiven for not digesting how easy and cost effective it now is to access this kind of intellectual and creative fire power. Let alone, to consider how to leverage it to change their businesses.  

With easier access to this kind of talent, we believe companies should start thinking about how they broaden the value that heavy weight freelancers can bring to their business. Instead of only using freelancers for reactive capacity management, freelancers can now be introduced to augment their existing team to support and enhance proactive strategic initiatives. By doing so, new thinking, new skills and missing expertise can be added into mix to create a better more well rounded outcome while avoiding budget blow outs. 

The below examples scratch the surface of how companies can think a little differently in how they take advantage of this ever expanding base of world class thinkers, creatives and expert doers:

1. Run internal design sprints with critical thinkers, subject experts and creatives

Augment your team’s expertise and domain knowledge with external specialists to run high calibre end to end design sprints. These include:

  • To help facilitate the design sprint (Project Managers)
  • To help understand customer needs and insights (CX, UX, Strategists, Planners)
  • To ensure fresh creative thinking is applied to the problem (Creative directors, Copywriters, Art directors)
  • To bring to life the thinking (Illustrators, UI designers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters)
  • To prototype ideas (UI/UX Designer, Full Stack Developer)

2. Pitch with greater depth of expertise and superior storytelling

Whether you’re pitching to internal stakeholders or to win external business, you can augment your pitch team with skill sets that can help sharpen the strategy, ideas and articulation of your vision. These include:

  • To help crystallise customer research into clear and motivating insights (Strategists, Planners)
  • Build customer journey maps to show the depth of the customer experience (CX Strategists, UX Designers)
  • Introduce fresh creative thinking to solve the core problems in unique ways that differentiate your business (Creative Directors, Copywriters, Art directors, Creative Technologists)
  • Bring to life the thinking and experiences (Illustrators, UI designers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters)
  • Prototype ideas (UI/UX designers, Full Stack Developers)

3. Rapid up-skilling of new disciplines, technologies or channels

For many companies, there is a strategic need to expand their marketing program or areas of expertise to include new marketing technologies or channels. Historically this has required hiring full time experts, but with the rapid proliferation of channels and technologies, this isn’t practical or affordable. Building relationships with freelance experts can be an effective way to help define a new strategic capability, train staff and be on hand when pitching or overseeing projects once kicked off.

This includes:

  • CX Strategy – CX Strategist
  • Data strategy – Data Strategist
  • Marketing Automation – Martech experts  
  • Performance Media – Performance Media Strategist
  • Growth Marketing – Growth Marketing Manager
  • Social Media – Social Media Manager
  • PR – Senior PR Consultant
  • Concepting – Creative Director, Senior Creatives

These are 3 examples but there are many more. Whats exciting is that companies now have access to talent they always wanted but could never afford or justify.

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