Underpinning the shift to freelancing and flexible working is the fact we now live in an age where there are endless choices of well crafted, reasonably cheap, cloud based tools. These tools are enabling remote teams to work productively and stay professionally and even emotionally connected as a team.

In that vein, we are attempting to set up Cavalry to be a nimble and flexible business that can operate effectively and enjoyably as a fully remote team.  In theory we should only need to come together for planning and team building.

For those interested, below are the tools that we are using to enable this working environment:

  • Slack is used for day to day communications
  • Asana is used for project management and business planning
  • Sketch is used for wire framing and UI design. It’s such a simple program that I’ve even managed to learn the basics which enables me to translate my thoughts into wireframes and create assets for social. Our head of product is terrified.
  • Invision is used to review and feedback on UI designs and userflows
  • Google Docs is where our commercial and ad hoc documents are created and shared
  • Drop Box is our file server

Literally the only program I use that isn’t in cloud is Keynote, and even that has a cloud component. Most of the credit for these choices sit with my team who have been operating like this for years. In fact they are are most likely rolling their eyes at the idea this is a paradigm shift of any kind. Luckily I can’t seem them though. I’m in Manly and they are in Redfern and North Sydney.


Dave Bentley is the CEO and Co-founder at Cavalry, a platform that streamlines the way companies and freelancers find each other and work together. Cavalry is designed to support the unique freelancing dynamics that exist within the creative and digital industry. Sign up at cavalryfreelancing.com and start simplifying your freelance world.

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