With most of us working from home, its more important than ever that we build and maintain meaningful connections with people we work with.  Relationships between freelancers and companies are no different.  

Inspired by this, we have launched a video conference feature that allows companies and freelancers to launch video chats with each other from anywhere on the platform.  We hope it makes interviewing and engaging with our Cavalry members easier and more frictionless than ever.  

You can even screen share and invite multiple participants in. 

How to get started within the Cavalry App:

  • In the messaging section, select the person you want to chat with
  • Select the ‘phone’ icon in the top left corner
  • This will open the video app for you and send a message and email with a link to the person you want to chat to
  • As long as they select the link, they will be added to your video chat

Try Cavalry Connect

Try Cavalry Connect in our App

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