With 20 collective years experience in agency management roles, Cavalry was born out of the belief that freelancing for both companies and freelancers should be less hassle than it is today.

We know from experience how fraught, time consuming and expensive it is for companies to find skilled creative and digital freelancers when they need them most. Yet we also know the quality, diversity and depth of freelancers is only increasing as more people choose to join the flexible workforce.

The current model simply doesn’t stack up.

Adding to the mix is the fact that advertising and digital industries are going through unprecedented change and increased competition. It feels to us that maintaining the status quo with Freelancing is an unnecessary risk and burden.

We believe there is a better way and we are committed to creating it.

Cavalry Freelancing is a custom-built talent management system that streamlines the way companies and freelancers find each other and work together. Our goal is to build a new kind of marketplace that recognises freelance craftsmanship and the project dynamics that already exist within the creative and digital industries.

Success for us will be if we significantly reduce the time, inconsistency and cost for companies, while increasing visibility, choice and stability for Freelancers.

We are bootstrapping Cavalry freelancing and plan to launch the full marketplace in quarter 3 of this year. However we are launching a first phase shortly, which will include the following features:

  • Company Roster – Companies can build a roster of their favourite freelancers, view their availability on one page and then make direct contact
  • Freelance Calendar – Freelancers can build a calendar of their availability and share it with employers. Freelancers who then get connected to a company roster, will naturally get priority access to the best freelance briefs a company has on offer.     

Cavalry Freelancing will only be successful if companies and freelancers alike find it useful. So I hope to talk to as many of you as possible and learn about your challenges and needs with an ambition that we can incorporate them into Cavalry. We’re always up for a coffee.

If Cavalry Freelancing sounds like a useful service, sign up and we’ll keep you up to date and make sure you are the first to know when we launch.

Dave Bentley – CEO and Co-founder

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