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The only marketplace that mobilises an army of world class experts from inside and outside your organisation to help make your ideas a reality.

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Find world class experts with Cavalry Marketplace

Cavalry Marketplace is the easiest way to fill skill gaps quickly with world class creators and marketing experts

86 D&ADs, 80 Canne Lions, 63 One Show awards, 50 Effies! The Cavalry community is stacked full of world class experts to help your business.

Find freelance experts

Find and mobilise hidden expertise from across your organisation

Build a unified sharable team of freelance and internal experts that can be mobilised without red tape. Create a circuit breaker for internal bureaucracy and drive profits through greater efficiency.
Cavalry Talent System

An easier way to engage and pay freelancers with Cavalry Payroll

Cavalry Payroll helps companies remove the complexity, administration overhead and internal friction related to directly engaging and paying freelancers.

Cavalry Payroll

The easy way for freelancers to expand their footprint and source interesting projects

Freelancers can expand their client base with innovative companies and let the right projects find them. They can also unify all elements of their freelance story into one beautiful shareable profile.

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A 360 degree sourcing solution

By combining the scale our marketplace with industry experts and seasoned talent consultants, we're able to support all types of roles including short and long term contracts as well as full time roles.

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Key Benefits

  • Post Gigs to the Cavalry community
  • Search our large diverse member base
  • Message and video chat with freelancers
  • Build a talent-force of internal and freelance talent
  • Easy to manage invoicing

Add your existing freelancers into your Cavalry Roster and manage
and book them for free.

Outsourcing payroll and insurances to
our partner Entity Solutions.

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