The future of freelancing
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Cavalry streamlines the way companies and freelancers find each other and work together. Designed to support the digital and creative industries.

Find out how Cavalry works for

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more than a marketplace

A strategic approach

Cavalry helps companies to build and nurture a deep & talented roster of freelancers

Multiple ways to find freelancers

Need to find a freelancer quickly, or happy handpicking your ideal shortlist, Cavalry makes it easy to find the right freelancer

An end to end solution

Cavalry supports every stage from sourcing right through to invoicing.

Match more effectively

To deliver a precision match, our algorithm looks at over 7 attributes including experience, availability and reputation.

Save money

Maintain your historic relationships for no charge and pay only 9% commission fee to find and book new talent via Cavalry.

Free for Freelancers

No fees for Freelancers to use the Cavalry platform.



  • Find & compare new freelancers in minutes
  • Build a roster of freelancers to support every skillset
  • Freelance availability can be managed & shared
  • Richer profiles that decode expertise
  • Streamlined communication
  • Easy to manage invoicing

the company you’ll keep

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