We believe creating a positive, equitable and trusting culture is key to Cavalry being successful for everyone who is part of our community. Below are some basic ground rules to help guide the behaviour of all members of Cavalry, including ourselves:

Treat people how you want to be treated

  • Respectful
  • Friendly and polite
  • No bullying
  • Open and encouraging

Treat time like a precious commodity 

  • Respond immediately if you can
  • Always respond within 24 hours
  • Be on time to meetings
  • Invoice on time
  • Pay invoices on time

Be open & honest 

  • About capabilities & experience
  • About briefs
  • About expertise required
  • About timing

Respect market rates

  • For companies, don’t treat every gig negotiation as a race to the bottom
  • For Freelancers, don’t over inflate rates

Be Professional 

  • Apply a high standard of care and skill to the work
  • Manage expectations on your ability to hit deadlines and complete deliverables
  • Discuss and agree realistic timings
  • Raise risks and agree mitigations
  • Ask questions early
  • Take accountability for your end of the bargain
  • Provide clear concise communications
  • Leave a job how you would want to find it

If you have questions or suggestions for our code of conduct drop us a line.